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Physical and mental preparation for motorsport

Racefit Driver Sports Therapy

Performance, consistency and adaptability are key to achieving success in motor sport. This applies every bit as much to the human element of the sport as it does to the mechanical. Correctly preparing the body and mind for competition is crucial and may determine success or failure.

My name is Jamie Weller and I am a sports therapist who specialises in motor sport fitness and conditioning.

I have worked with racing drivers and teams since 2005 and spent countless hours researching the physical effects driving a racing car has on the human body. Applying my research and experience, I utilise the most effective training methods to improve a driver’s in-car performance.

There is nothing more gratifying than seeing the work I do with drivers result in improved on-track performance.

I offer a comprehensive range of essential services for Motorsport fitness which may be combined to form bespoke driver/team packages.

I can host drivers at my personal training studio (near Snetterton, Norfolk) but am also available to travel.

Everyone is unique, therefore I approach each client differently. You will receive your very own bespoke programme and friendly mentorship. Incorporating personal training, nutrition, massage and relaxation techniques, I have created the perfect, fine-tuned approach to ensure your success.

Strength and conditioning coaching for motor sport

Nutrition for sports performance

Sports massage treatments

Fitness assessments

Sports psychology counselling

Stretching Yoga
Tai chi Meditation

Online Support: Consultations, live sessions & performance programmes

Event Support

For any athlete, having a sports therapist present during competition is invaluable. Drivers at the circuit are no exception. I offer event support to drivers and teams across the UK, Europe and the world.  At race weekends and test days my responsibilities include:

Warm drivers up before they get into the car

Massage and stretching throughout the event ensuring drivers are supple and relaxed in the car

Monitor food and fluid intake to aid peak performance

Provide isotonic energy drinks designed to hydrate and replenish lost electrolytes, leaving brain and body operating at optimum levels

Monitor the driver’s and team members’ psychology to ensure they are “in the zone” to go racing

Monitor driver’s heart rate in the car

Personal Assistant    

Keep drivers on schedule for event commitments           

Prepare drivers’ race suits and helmet and tidy up after them          

Act as a go-between for management and drivers    

Keep drivers occupied during longer periods out of the car

Knowing how physically and mentally demanding being on a race team can be, it is essential that all team members are both physically and mentally fit. I therefore also offer training support to team staff.

Bespoke team-building camps are available on request.


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